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6th-8th February 2017 - Participation in the UN COPUOS Scientific and Technical Subcommittee in Vienna
As every year, Czech Space Alliance was included by the Ministry of Transport in the Czech delegation to this international event. As usual it was represented by the alliance president, who uses this opportunities to establish or refresh contacts with agencies and industry from all space faring countries. Among other, he met the director general of the Mexican Space Agency, the Israel Space Agency, representatives of the Cabinet Office of Japan, JAXA, NEC Space, Chile, Argentina, Oman, .....
24th-25th January 2017 - 9th Conference on European Space Policy
18th - 19th January 2017 - German - Czech Space Industry Days
Members of the Czech Space Alliance participated in two day seminar hosted by DLR and coordinated with our Ministry of Transport, which took place at DLR installations in Oberpfaffenhofen. The first day consisted of short presentations followed by B2B. On the second day we visited OHB and IABG. The event was attended by over 60 participants from both countries is also the build-up of the Mexican SBAS station network.

7th November 2016 - The CSA president was received by the Director General of the Mexican Space Agency and his executive team
Following previous discussions at events in Europe, the Director General Sr. Javier Mendietta invited the CSA to discuss possible areas of cooperation between our countries in the offices of the Agencia Espacial Mexicana (AEM) in Mexico City. The meeting was attended by further 7?? AEM Executives and Iguassu marketing director. After mutual presentations of our activities (the Mexican Space Agency presentation is available for download on the download page), we discussed possible areas of mutual interest. I was agreed that perhaps the easiest start would be aerospace student exchange. Topical theme is also the build-up of the Mexican SBAS station network.

26th September 2016 - CSA participated in the Annual General Assembly of the International Aeronautical Federation
This year’s AGM took place in Guadalajara, Mexico, IAF’s current president Mr. Kiyoshi Higuchi (JAXA) passed the post to his successor M. Jean-Yves le Gall (CNES). There was also an election of the IAF board members. Doc. Kolar tenure has vice president for the financial committee has expired. Some delegates expressed their dissatisfaction (as in previous year) with the board election process, where proposed candidates could not be voted on individually. These comments were sidelined. Gender equality issues were also discussed by a number of members and this was echoed throughout the congress in a PC manner by top executives of IAC and others (e.g. extensively, including all other equal opportunities categories, by the NASA Administrator Charles Bolden). The next 68th International Astronautical Congress will be held 25-29 September in Adelaide, Australia. The 69th IAC will return to Bremen 1-5 October 2018 and will be hosted by ZARM.
26th April 2011 - Czech space alliance in GISTDA, Bangkok
Following first contacts with GISTDA, Ge-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency at the OAC 2010 in Prague, the Czech Space Alliance president was invited to GISTDA to present the Czech space activities to a small group of the agency representatives on April 11th. As the presentation was regarded of broader interest, the CSA was invited to come back and repeat the presentation to wider audience of some 20 GISTDA staff a few weeks later.

22nd March 2011 - Czech Space Alliance meets the Slovak commission for cooperation with ESA
As a result of the initiative of ZTS VVU Kosice and the Czech Space Alliance, Czech delegation consisting of the Ministry of Transport, the government commissioner for the Galileo office and the Czech Space Alliance, participated in the second meeting of the Slovak commission for co-operation with ESA. After presentations the two sides exchange experience and ideas about work in ESA. The Czech pariticipants offered to continue to share the experience and offered support in introducting Slovakia in the Program for European Co-operating States (PECS)
4th - 5th March 2011 - Czech Space Alliance presents at Milspace 2011 in Paris
CSA presented \"Space from a small nation\'s perspective - the Czech Republic as the newest ESA member\"
1st February 2011 - Czech passive components manufacturers meet ESA
CSA members AVX and EGGO invited representatives of ESA components technology division to meet the passive components industry in the Lanskroun area. Apart from the ESA, CSA and Lanskroun industry presentations, the ESA delegation had a tour of AVX and EGGO and was received by the mayor of the town of Lanskroun
22-25th November 2010 - Czech Brazilian Space Technology Days - Brasilia, Alcantara, Sao Jose dos Campos
Following the signature by the Minisiter of Transport of the Letter of Intent to co-operate in development of space technologoes, drafted by the Czech Space Alliance, several alliance members, supported by the Czechinvest agency of the Ministry of Industry, undertook a week tour of Brazilian space establishments. The alliance was able to achieve reception at the highest levels at the Brazilian space agency in Brasilia, the Brazilian launch base in Alcantara, the National Space Research Institute INPE and the Defence department of space technologies (launcher development) CDTA in Sao Jose. The delegation was also received by the Ministry of Development, Industry and International Commerce in Brasilia, kindly arranged by the Czech Ambassador, and by the representatives of the Mayor of Sao Jose dos Campos, who proudly presented their impressive technology park. The delegation collected a wealth of information and developed and strengthened many top level contacts, which will help in preparation of further steps to look for specific business co-operation opportunities. The next task is to arrange an event with the Brazilians in Prague.

AEB Directors panel meeting the Czech delegation             Brazilian launcher VLS-1                          Integration & Test Chamber / clean room at INPE
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